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Osymetric chainrings let you achieve 7-10% more power..
Our patented bi-cam design allows you to take advantage of the strongest part of your pedal stroke giving you 7-10% more wattage without doing any more work.
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With big wins in the Grand Tours of Europe as well as the World Championship Iron Man inKona in October 2013 the secret is finally out. Osymetric USA rings are the must have accessory for all types of road riding and racing. From Time Trials,Criteriums, Road Races and Club rides “I’m never doing round again” is the battle cry heard round the world.
The OSYMETRIC ring is not an oval nor an ellipse – it is a twin cam shaped to win. This patented design reduces the gear and the effort needed to get through what is commonly called the “dead spot” in everyones pedal stroke. Then it increases the usable gear during the power portion of the pedal stroke between the 1 and 5 o’clock positions of the crank so your body can take full advantage of its natural strength. It simply makes the gear always in your favor, easier when you are weakest and harder when you are at your strongest.  This powerful tool can reduce lactic acid by 10% and increases power by 10% for anyone that uses them. WithOSYMETRIC chainrings installed properly on a bicycle, one can expect a gain of 7-10% watts. Interestingly the rings are most beneficial the closer your are to your personal anaerobic threshold. This can be easly confirmed with testing on an SRM, POWERTAP or Quarq power meters.

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